Spanish Gold Coin

The Spanish Empire of the past was truly an impressive entity. Its influence spread all across the globe and the empire literally gained a foothold on all five continents. This made the Spanish Empire a true economic superpower and it should come as no surprise that it produced a multitude of gold coins that are highly prized by collectors all over the world. The reason for this is that Spain has produced a multitude of unique gold coins and even for many years after the demise of the grand Spanish empire of the past Spain continued to produce gold coins that are striking in their look and design.

Believe it or not, Spanish gold coins actually predate Spain itself! That is, the ancient Greeks and Romans who inhabited the territory that would later become modern Spain minted a number of gold coins in the region. Geographic region, however, does not make a currency valuable but in the 16th century Spain was the dominant power in all of Europe and certainly possessed the resources to produce its own gold coins.

The most famous of all Spanish gold coins was the legendary Spanish Doubloon that was produced from the 17th to the 19th century. Gold Doubloons became a sort of international currency as they were used in Spanish colonies all over the world. These gold coins were used to purchase commodities from all ends of the earth and made trading with other nations significantly easier. After all, gold is accepted everywhere and it made trading one precious commodity for another more quickly facilitated.

Spanish Gold Doubloon Coins

Spanish Gold Doubloon Coins

The actual look of this Spanish gold coin was unique as well as it featured the distinct illustration of the coat of arms of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. The two monarchs were among the most influential in Spanish history as under their leadership the crown of Spain expanded far beyond its territorial borders as it promoted the voyages of a number of explorers including the most famous one of all Christopher Columbus. This contributed greatly the expansion of the Spanish gold coin Doubloon throughout the world. In fact, even in the earliest days of American history Spanish gold coins played a dominant role in the economy of the colonies. So, with such a significant history of a presence of gold Doubloons on the world scene that collecting Spanish coins from the early to the modern era has become as popular as it has.

Throughout the centuries some of the most amazing gold coins ever produced were minted in Spain. This is why it comes as no surprise that these coins are highly prized by collectors. Considering the sheer volume of Spanish gold coins produced over the years, there’s literally “something for everyone” when it comes to collecting these coins. If you are looking to add truly brilliant looking coins from a variety of historical eras then collecting Spanish gold coins would be a fine option. They truly are amazing to look at and, better yet, to own as part of your own coin collection.


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