Collecting Silver Dollar Coins as Hedge Investments

Silver dollar coins can prove quite valuable to an individual who purchases them. In the past, this was true mainly in collectible circles. However, did you know the popularity of these coins has now expanded to the realm of investing? Yes, the many fans of all those investment programs on cable TV are turning to silver dollar coins as a viable way of increasing or preserving their material wealth.

These days, the general public is starting to awaken to a fact that those in the know have realized for years: precious metals are quickly becoming the perfect hedge investment for those looking to safeguard their portfolios. The reason why more and more people are tuning into this approach is due to their disillusionment with investing in the stock market. The rapid ups and downs of the market have soured many people on it.  Worst of all, the previously safe market of real estate is certainly no longer the sage investment it once was. So, where does are more and more people turning to so they may hedge their investments? They are headed to the precious metals market.

For some, the notion of procuring silver dollar coins as an investment hedge may seem odd. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that most people look at gold as the standard, traditional precious metal to invest in. Honestly, investing in gold is not a bad idea! Gold has increased in value over the past decade so significantly that it is quickly becoming a safe investment as opposed to a risky one. However, gold is not the only precious metal one can invest in. Silver and platinum are also available and silver has most definitely increased in value over the past decade as well. This adds to silver’s reliability as a hedge investment in a significant manner.

Another reason why some may not be so keen on using silver dollar coins as a hedge is because, well, they are coins. Most people consider precious metal purchasing and trading to consist solely of gold and silver bars. Really, there is absolutely nothing wrong with procuring silver bars…unless you are procuring them in a myopic fashion. In other words, if you have not explored other options available for hedging with silver then you may be limiting your chances for success.

Silver dollar coins were first minted in the 19th Century and since that time many excellent coins have been produced. Among the most popular – and collectible — are the 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar which was produced at the legendary Carson City Mint; the extremely rare and uncirculated 1996 Silver Eagle; and the 2000 Silver American Eagle.

Yes, silver dollar coins remain an excellent venture for those looking to acquire a solid investment. In fact, silver dollar coins growing increasingly popular alongside dollar coins as excellent investment options for even conservative investors. This is because in addition to the market value of silver, coins also have a rare collectible value to them as well. This further enhances their value and makes them quite attractive to those looking for a solid investment hedge.

As the stock market and real estate realm continue on the path of instability, precious metals still remain valuable. This is one major reason why there is such additional interest in silver dollar coins and definitely a reason why it is wise to look into using them as a portfolio hedge.


2 Responses to “Collecting Silver Dollar Coins as Hedge Investments”
  1. Richard Duke says:

    Good informative post about American Silver Eagles.

  2. Michael Shuford says:

    I purchase a silver eagle for each month that I have been alive. It’s cheaper than buying gold which I wish could afford to buy but too expensive for me.

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