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One of the unique aspects of looking at old coins is the method in which they capture a snapshot of a historical period. In some instances, historical periods of time have become forgotten and through the images that are reproduced on the currency of a particular region and time period we can get a glimpse into the era. In a way, old coins become somewhat of a museum piece where we can catch unique glimpses into history. Such is the case with an old German coin as it captures a society that has radically changed over the years.

Germany remains a nation that has seen many changes over the years. From its inception in the late 19th century to the First World War to the Weimar Republic to the Second World War to the splitting of the country in the East and the West to the collapse of the Berlin Wall one can say that Germany has forever remained a nation in flux. This unique history (its good and its bad points) have been captured on the coins which it has minted and anyone who has an interest in the history of western civilization or is simple an aficionado of rare coins will find collecting old German coins to be a rewarding and educational experience.

Imagine owning an old Weimar Republic Reichmark. There is much history to be found in this old German coin. When the Weimar Republic started to collapse under its own mismanaged weight the value of German currency would fluctuate every hour. Often times, instead of paying people weekly employers would pay their employees three times a day so the employee could purchase food as the value of a week’s pay could literally drop 99% from one week to the next! A Riechmark coin is a unique reminder of this lost era as well as a cautionary tale about the problems a mismatched government can bring to its populace. As such, a Reichmark coin – along with many old German coins – becomes a stunning piece of history and symbolic of many important lessons. (Granted, historical lessons of German coins from the Second World War are more of a cautionary tale than anything that deserves accolades but coins from this era are not exactly popular with collectors anyway.)

Old German Coin

Old German Coin

Even if you are not completely interested in the history of the coins you still have to marvel at the brilliance of the design many of the older and modern German coins represent. It is obvious that a great deal of skill went into the crafting of this coins as the artistry of them does not go unnoticed.

In times past, collecting these coins was not an easy venture as it required a great deal of searching and research in order to track down some of the rarer coins. Today, thanks to the internet and eBay the ability to locate some of these unique coins has become easier than ever before. So, if you are looking to launch a new German coin collection or add to your existing one eBay remains the perfect vehicle for facilitating your acquisitions.


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