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The old French coin plays a huge role in the coin collecting business, especially due to the constant monetary reforms that took place in France. With the monetary system changing on a regular basis, each old French coin put into circulation was shortly taken out, producing a shortage of many popular coins that were no longer in circulation.

The main currency used during the Roman Republic consisted of a number of different coins, including the aureus made of gold, the denarius made of silver, the sestertius made of bronze, the dupondius made of bronze, or the as coin made of copper. They were used for quite a long period of time, from the middle of the third century BC to the middle of the third century AD. They were later still accepted in areas with Greek influence, but were quickly replaced with the monetary reform of Diocletian. Coins from the Roman monetary system are some of the hardest to come by, due mostly to being out of circulation for such as long period of time.

The Franc is another old French coin that was put into circulation, and was actually used as the main form of money between 1360 and 1641. The Franc was the name given to coins worth 1 livre tournois, and remained the same for a long period of time. The old French coin was then reintroduced in 1795, and remained as the national currency until 1999. The Franc is one of the most collected coins in the world, but can be hard to collect because of the wide variety of Francs that were used at the time. Different varieties of the old French coin were developed on a frequent basis, with materials being used also changing as well. Some of the older Francs were made out of silver and gold, until additional materials such as copper, zinc, and even aluminum were introduced.

Because France has experienced several different forms of money over the years, various coins have become very collectible. An old French coin is a great addition to almost any coin collection, especially those that have been out of circulation for a long period of time. The Franc is one of the most popular pieces, especially those made out of gold and silver during the first few years the system was used. France has experienced a number of detailed, durable, and artistic coins in their time, and an old French coin can make almost any coin collection complete.


2 Responses to “Old French Coin”
  1. Sybil Sanders says:

    I have a number of Franc coins different denominations silver and goldish in color, all dated from 1955 and under. I was wondering if there were pictures of these coins and would they be valuable to anyone?

  2. AJ says:

    I am looking for information about a coin, one side Arabic, the other side English. They both say the same thing: Sug El Manscie, Ramle, 1863, 10 Para, HGS.
    I am told it is listed as Jeton for French Colonies.
    I cannot find anyting written. Where was made? Jerusalem or near Alexandria. Where was used?

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