Military Unit Coin

A military unit coin is a special coin to add to any collection, since it was created to honor the men and women who fight for our country in the various branches of service. They have been used in the various branches of the military for years, and serve the purpose of boosting morale and rewarding individuals for a job well done. They are typically rewarded to individuals who stand out during training sessions, and are usually awarded by the highest ranking individuals in the unit.

Military unit coins are also known as challenge coins, memorial coins, and commander’s coins, and have been a huge part of the military since as early as the First World War. Various stories have developed regarding the origin of the first military unit coins, and each branch of service has their own beliefs regarding when and where the first military unit coins were struck.

A military unit coin is called a challenge coin because it is believed that a coin holder can challenge another coin holder, which is done by taking it out and holding it in the air or tapping it on a bar or table. The individual being challenged has sixty seconds to take out their coin, or they must buy a drink for the individual who challenged them. If the coin is taken out, the individual with the lower ranking coin must buy the drink. Much like the branches of the military, a military unit coin is given a rank based on the service it represents. Anyone is possession of a military unit coin can make a challenge, and it is encouraged to carry the coin at all times. Because being a military unit coin holder is considered an honor, one is supposed to treat it with respect at all times. If a coin holder ever drops their coin, they are required to buy a drink for anyone and everyone that saw or heard the coin drop. Forgetting a coin at home is no excuse, since it is supposed to be carried at all times.

Military Unit Coin

Military Unit Coin

There are a wide variety of various military unit coins, most of which were created to honor a certain event in the history of the military. Military unit coins were created to represent the various wars and battles our brave men and women have experienced, as well as coins representing the various military bases and training centers throughout our country. They have been minted out of various materials, and usually contain colorful pictures representing the branch of service as well as the battle, base, or war they represent.

Adding a military unit coin to any coin collection is a great way to show love for the country, as well as honor the men and women who fight for our country to provide us with freedom. General coins representing the branches of service can be purchased, or even coins relating to specific wars that one may have experienced. Collecting military unit coins is great for coin collectors, collectors of war memorabilia, or even those who are proud of someone who has served in one of the branches of military.

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