How to Get an Accurate Estimate on Your Coin Collection

Even a professional coin appraiser often has a hard time giving an accurate estimate on a coin collection. You might have browsed through a coin guide and decided your collection is worth a lot of money, but you will probably also discover those prices are retail and not the price you might expect in an actual sale.

Two publications that will provide you with some assistance in valuating your coin collection are:

   –The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of United States Coins

   –The Standard Catalog of World Coins

Coin Collection Quotes from Auction Houses

You might want to let an auction house provide you with an estimate if you believe your collection is valued at more than $5,000. There is an auction fee which usually runs around 10% if you decide to let them auction your collection. The estimates are also usually on the conservative side, but the sale amount could end up being more than estimated.

Coin Collection Quotes from Online Dealers

There are multiple sites online where you can obtain quotes on your collection if you wish to sell to a dealer. While selling to a dealer might get your collection sold faster, it most often does not bring the highest amount. Check the reputation of the dealer with other coin guilds, online coin trading forums, and anywhere else you can obtain information to make sure you are trading with a reputable dealer.

Coin Condition is Important

Before you attempt to market your coin collection, make sure it is in the best condition possible. It is also better if your coins are slabbed for the best return on investment. Any rare and unusual coins should be graded by a professional before you sell them so you know their true worth.

Marketing A Small Collection

Many dealers are interested only in certain coins and are not in the market for a small coin collection. If you do ship your collection to a dealer to obtain a price quote, be sure to insure the shipment adequately. You’ll only want to risk sending your collection to a dealer if you are certain you are working with a reputable one.

Selling a Coin Collection – Auction versus Dealer

While selling to a coin dealer does not usually bring the best price, you can’t be sure an auction will bring the price you seek either, and you still have the 10% auction fee that is deducted from the sale amount. If you don’t feel comfortable selling or auctioning off your coin collection, hold onto your coins for a while longer. They might even increase in value depending on how long you hold onto them.

You might consider showing your collection to four or more dealers to see what the best offer is. Should you decide to sell your coin collection to a dealer, make sure to get your money up front before releasing the coins to the buyer.

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