Gold Coin Collectibles – The French Rooster Gold Coin

It is not difficult to locate one of the favorite gold coin collectibles in the world, the French Rooster 20 franc coin. It is affordable enough for most all coin collectors to add to their collection. Those in BU (brilliant uncirculated) condition are collected either for the bullion or coin value. Because the French Rooster coin trades for near its gold value, it’s considered a keeper coin.

Although the historical mint date for the French Rooster is 1901, some were released in 1899. After the initial mint date of 1901, the coins continued to be minted up until the First World War in the year 1914. The traditional Rooster coin features the Gallic Rooster, a French symbol dating back to at least the Middle Ages.

The rooster was also the symbol of the army during the French Revolution, and for a short time, it was also France’s national emblem. In the 1830’s, Napoleon III saw fit to change it. Even today, the rooster is used by many sports teams and other organizations as an insignia representing liberty and independence.

You should not have to pay a high premium for a French Rooster gold coin. The coin should seldom cost more than its gold bullion weight equivalent because it is 90% gold, 20 to 22 carat, although it does have value other than just its age and design. The French Rooster is also exempt from confiscation, unlike modern gold bullion coins that must be reported.

The coin’s face side is the Republic Lady, and the words “Republique Franaise” encircle her head. The reverse side has the Gallic Rooster and the French words that translate into “Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood.”

French coin collectors most always seek out the French Rooster coin at the start of their coin hobby. Many choose it because of its affordability for a rare coin piece. Other international collectors also use the French Rooster as a starter coin in their collections.

There are some other French coins commonly sought by collectors, many of them rarer than the French Rooster. The artwork of French coins is considered to be unsurpassed by coins from any other part of the world.

The French Rooster starts at around $200 for circulated coins to over $500 for uncirculated pieces. The value of this coin stays in line closely with the market bullion rate. French Roosters in mint condition are valued even more.

The French Rooster seems to remain in good supply with no expected shortage in the near future. As more collectors continue to add the coin to their collections, the value might increase but it is not expected to do so by any great percentage any time soon.

The French Rooster is considered a good investment for a collector planning to hold their collection long term because its value will closely follow the market value of precious metals in general. Most who purchase a French Rooster coin for their collection plan to hold theirs for some time, so the future value is not of much consequence to them early on in their acquisition.

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