Examining Rare Canadian Coins

Those looking to collect rare coins should definitely set their sights on Canada as it is home to many different hard to find collectibles. While these coins are sometimes overlooked in favor of more popular coins produced by The United States, Spain, and Great Britain, Canada has definitely made scores of excellent coins that truly worth appreciating. Unfortunately, many rare Canadian coins are not so much rare as they are extremely rare.

Why is it that these coins have become so extremely rare? There are a number of reasons and these reasons are all worth a closer look:

Early Canadian coins were made of pure silver and gold. As such, many of these coins were melted down to acquire their precious metals. Precious metals rise in value on the open trading market every day. In some instances, five cent silver or gold coins are actually worth much more when melted down into silver or gold bars. While this definitely allowed some people the ability to earn revenues, it also greatly depleted rare coins that were taken out of circulation. Today, the remaining gold and silver coins of previous generations (and centuries) have much collectible value as a result.

Reverse of 1985 Canadian Silver Dollar

Reverse of 1985 Canadian Silver Dollar

In some cases, limited edition coins were released to the public and these coins certainly will have collectible value. By their very nature, such coins are scarce and their scarcity definitely adds to their value. Since many of these rare coins have been lost or destroyed over the years, the remaining coins end up increasing in value. Those looking to collect such coins would definitely benefit from looking into procuring such coins since they almost always provide a return on the initial investment.

Human beings are not always perfect and they can sometimes make mistakes. This is true even when molding or pressing coins. So, there have been instances where errors have turned up on a number of rare Canadian coins. While this may have ruffled a number of feathers during the original days of circulation, these error laden coins now have high collectible value. In fact, some of these coins may even have the potential to increase even more in value since they are such oddities and anomalies.

Commemorative coins are also popular rare Canadian coins that many collectors seek. There are scores of rare commemorative coins available on the collector’s market and many of them host some truly inspiring images. These images range from the Maple Leaf to the Royal Mounted Police to the nation’s flag and other uniquely Canadian images. A great deal of artistry and craftsmanship goes into commemorative coins and that is why the collectible demand is so high. This, of course, means these coins increase dramatically in value over time.

Some may be surprised at the sheer volume of categories for rare Canadian coins. Yes, it is most definitely true that there is great variety to these coins in terms of their category.  However, many of these actually coins are small in numbers. That is why they are both rare and highly collectible.

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