Commemorative Coins

Although even novice fans of history realize the Roman Empire brought forth many firsts it comes as a surprise to many that the Roman Empire gave birth to the concept of commemorative coins. As a means of honoring the service of those who were members of the Roman military a series of coins were minted honoring specific battles. Following the lead of this original idea many other civilizations and cultures minted their own commemorative coins. In the modern United States commemorative coins proved so popular that a veritable cottage industry of commemorative coin producers has emerged and it has given coin collectors another unique facet to coin collecting.

Creating a memento to a famous person, place or event is a common venture with some variants on the memento being more appealing than others. While there are a number of commonplace methods of commemorating these things but one of the most popular and prestigious methods is being commemorated on a coin. This is because a great deal of affection, artistry and attention to deal goes into the crafting of commemorative coins so as to properly honor the subject matter of the coin. This is why many of these excellent coins are held in such high regard by collectors.

Commemorative coins are a relatively new item in the United States. While a certain number of commemorative coins were issued prior to the 1960’s, it was primarily after the 1960’s that commemorative coins were produced in great numbers. The first commemorative coin in the United States was a two and a half dollar coin produced in 1948 to honor the California Gold Rush. There were a multitude of commemorative coins produced over the next century but the volume of these coins significantly increased from the 1960’s and beyond. Part of the reason for this was the fact that there was significant positive response to commemorative coins and their appearance stimulates a rabid collectors market that anyone can be part of.

US Silver Commemorative Coin

US Silver Commemorative Coin

All of the coins prior to the 1960’s were legal tender but after the 1960’s a number of commemorative coins were not legal tender but were privately produced items designed for the collector’s market. (Collectors probably weren’t going to spend those coins anyway!) Some of these commemorative coins have proven to become quite valuable over time and the rarest of the coins can cost many times their original value. Not all commemorative coins, however, fall under the category of being “antiques”. Of course, many new and original commemorative coins are produced every year and all of them have the potential to become valuable collector’s items in the future.

A multitude of commemorative coins from all over the world and from a multitude of time periods are now available on eBay. These coins were once difficult to find and now there is a tremendous opportunity to acquire a great many of these coins in a significantly easier fashion. So why not start or expand your commemorative coin collection with one of any of the great sets that are offered herein?

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