Collecting Junk Silver Coins

The not so endearing term “junk silver coins” is merely a reference to coins that have little to no value as collectibles. Their value is simply in the silver content, which is to say, they are not junk at all. The term is used in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. These coins usually have nicks and scratches.

US junk silver coins are usually sold as 40% or 90% silver content, as well as the “wartime” nickles with 35% silver. Some of the most popular are the pre-1965 Morgan and Peace dollars, Jefferson “wartime” nickels, Franklin and Kennedy half dollars, Roosevelt dimes, and Washington quarters.

There are several reasons to buy junk silver coins. One is that they are easily recognizable around the world and are easily traded. This makes them very popular among survivalists as “doomsday” currency. In addition, small trades could be done with the silver dimes and nickles. Silver bullion is almost always made in 1 ounce coins only, and therefore not as suitable for small trades as junk silver. Another reason to buy junk silver is that they have legal tender and real face falue…..althought the silver market would have to crash spectacularly for this to be a real benefit. These coins also sell for little or no premium over silver spot prices.

Junk silver coins are commonly sold as “junk silver bags” of different sizes and price. Typically these are sold as containing a “face value” of between $100 and $10,000. Of course the actually purchase price is much higher as dictated by silver spot prices. They are also commonly sold as junk silver rolls as well, containg 20-50 coins each.

Other popular junk silver coins come from the UK (50% and 92.5% silver), Canada (50% and 80% silver), and Australia (50% and 80% silver).

The most popular way to buy and sell these coins is through and reputable online coin retailers such as APMEX.

US Junk Silver Coins

US Junk Silver Coins

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