The Proper Criteria to Gauge Coin Grading Services

Avid collectors of rare and hard to find coins realize how important it is to know the exact worth of the coins they own. To arrive at an accurate assessment of the value of the coins requires experience and knowledge. This is why it is so very necessary to work with legitimate coin grading services in order to receive an accurate estimation of the value of the coin. There are two names that are commonly mentioned in the world of coin grading services. They are the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). While these services are tremendous, they are also exclusive. As such, one needs to look towards more accessible and affordable options.

This means a little forethought must go into the selection of the coin grading service. The way to achieve this is through applying proper criteria to the selection of a particular coin grading service. What criteria one should apply to these services? An overview of the criteria is presented:

One of the most important criteria to apply to the service would be an estimation as to the number of coins it has graded over the years. Now, some may wonder what this has to do with the viability of the coin service. After all, are it not quality that is most important and not the quantity of orders that have been undertaken? Actually, the two go together in this particular scenario. When a company has graded scores upon scores of coins over the years, this would indicate a reliable and reputable company. When there are a significant number of repeat customers that are serious coin collectors and traders, it would seem fairly certain that the service is an excellent one.

Similarly, it is necessary to learn if the coin grading services are provided value estimations that are in concert with the prices the coins go for at auctions. At an auction, the opening minimum bid should be reasonably close to the initial grading value of the coin. This is why it is critical to have accuracy in grading or the auction can prove to be disastrous. Even those that do not wish to put their coins up for auction will need to have an accurate estimation of the coin’s value. If not, then what would be the purpose of having the coins graded in the first place? You want to know what they are really worth, correct?

It is also helpful when a coin grading service offers a reasonable turnaround time. A serious coin collector trader should not have to wait an extended period of time for grading results. Of course, one should also not impose ridiculous standards for turnaround time either. Rather, it is best that the service deliver an acceptable amount of time that delivers accurate coin grading. You do not necessarily need expediency but proper timeliness should be part of the equation.

A sliding price scale that offers fair fees is a sure sign of a reliable service. Professionals and collectors both have different reasons for having their coins graded and that means it is helpful that different grading processes deliver different fee scales. This allows greater accessibility for all from the various services. And fairness and accessibility are certainly admirable attributes that solid coin grading services should possess.

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