Vienna Philharmonic Coins

The Vienna Philharmonic is the one of the highest quality of Austrian gold coins.... Read More »

2011 1oz Canadian Grizzly Silver Coin – Wildlife Series

The latest issue from the Royal Canadian Mint’s Canadian Wildlife series of... Read More »

2011 1 oz Silver Somalian African Elephant Coin

Especially in troubled economic times, precious metals are one of the soundest investments... Read More »

2011 1 oz Silver Britannia Coin

One of the most eagerly awaited silver coins on the market by both collectors and... Read More »

2011 New Zealand $2 Fiji Taku 1 oz Silver Coin

The South Pacific island country of Fiji is known for a few things, such as being... Read More »

2011 Gold and Silver Coins – Great Gift Ideas

Gold and silver coins would make an excellent gift for a coin collector, especially... Read More »

Collecting Junk Silver Coins

The not so endearing term “junk silver coins” is merely a reference to... Read More »

Gold Coin Collectibles – The French Rooster Gold Coin

It is not difficult to locate one of the favorite gold coin collectibles in the world,... Read More »

Examining Rare Canadian Coins

Those looking to collect rare coins should definitely set their sights on Canada... Read More »

World Silver Coin

There have been many great contributions people have made to the world and one of... Read More »

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