Buying American Eagle Silver Coins – 3 Important Tips

Are you in the market for American Eagle Silver Coins? Just as the American eagle is an icon of the USA, so the American Eagle Silver coin is a quintessential American coin. In fact, it’s the United States’ official silver bullion coin. The USA has been minting the coin since 1986. When hunting for such coins, it’s crucial to take the right steps, including these helpful tips:

1. Know how to spot fake coins

When shopping for American Eagle Silver Coins, make sure to buy the real deal. The key is to know when a coin is fake or not. The coin’s surface is one of the main features to examine. This includes the metal used to produce the coin, and the various details on it. Many purchasers of collectible coins have a sixth sense that a particular coin doesn’t look genuine. But without knowing exactly what to look for, it’s impossible to know whether a coin is indeed a copycat.

Besides the appearance of the coin’s surface, you should also examine other features as well. Sometimes coins should have reeded edges or seams. Another key feature is the coin’s weight. The use of inferior alloys will impact the weight of the coin. You can also use a second coin to tap the coin in question. This should result in a “ring” of a particular pitch. If you don’t hear that ring, then the coin is quite likely an imposter.

2. Be wary of online shopping

Yes, the Internet has revolutionized the way that we do our shopping. But when making investments such as silver coins, it’s highly advisable that you examine the coin in person. Many fake American Eagle Silver Coins are flooding the market. But that’s not all! Many imitation coins are so similar to the genuine ones that you’d literally need a magnifying glass to verify whether or not they’re original or fake coins. If you do decide to buy online, make sure you purchase your coins from a reputable online coin dealer such as APMEX.

3. Shop around

As when buying any other collectible coin (or collectible, for that matter), it’s important to shop around. That will allow you to purchase the best quality coins, at the best prices. Shopping online is much easier than shopping offline. On the other hand, shopping via the Internet also makes it more difficult to verify the authenticity of the coin. Whether you shop online or offline, it’s possible to find sales and specials on American Eagle Silver Coins. As a word of caution, if the price for such coins seems too-good-to-be-true, then it likely is. That’s why it’s so crucial to verify the authenticity of a particular American Eagle Silver Coin, before purchasing it. Otherwise, you could end up spending a rock-bottom low price for a coin that isn’t worth a hill of beans.

The American Eagle Silver Coin is definitely one of the most attractive collectible coins on the market. These above tips will help you to find the right coin at the right price.

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