Australian Silver Coin

While much is written about gold coins it would not be inaccurate to state that silver coins have been historically more significant. This is because far, far more coins were minted in silver than ever were ever minted in gold. In fact, silver coins date back to the very early days of the Ancient Greek civilization. Silver coins have existed all throughout world history and have made an appearance in virtually every developed nation. Needless to say, many of these coins have developed much collectible value due to their rarity, look and design. One of the most popular of these collectible coins is the Australian silver coin which is truly a stunning coin with tremendous collectible interest.

Interestingly, Australia’s minted coins are modern creations and not derived from antiquity. (Then again, this should not come as a surprise since Australia itself does not date back to antiquity!) What makes the Australian silver coin truly unique is the fact that they are among the very few coins produced completely (99.9%) of silver bullion as well as being among the only legal tender coins that feature of number of unique designs that often change from year to year. This makes the coins quite appealing to collectors as they truly become a one of a kind item as opposed to currency that centers on a traditional image. This is not to knock traditional coins but merely a means of drawing a comparison between them.

Kookaburra Australian Silver Coin

Kookaburra Australian Silver Coin

Animals are common image that have been used for an Australian silver coin for many years. Some of the animals that have been tapped for use on these coins include roosters, monkeys, horses, snakes, rabbits and even the mythical image of a dragon. And, of course, classic indigenous Australian animals such as koalas and kangaroos are included as well. Perhaps in a way this is designed to connect the realm of Australian society to the natural world. Regardless of the reason why animals are employed the fact remains they make striking subject matter for a coin and greatly increase their collectible value.

In additional to animal imagery, there is also a call to nationalism on the Australian silver coin including images that pay homage to the Australian military and a coin that commemorates the honoring of the first Victoria Cross to Doctor Reginald Howse, a brilliant military physician who served his country under the difficult conditions of the Boer War. Calls to honor nationalism are not uncommon in coinage and the Australian silver coin display this is a unique manner that has not gone unnoticed by collectors. Of course, when something is unique in look and design the public will react positively and this is why Australian coins are sincere eyebrow raisers in the world of coin collecting.

So, if you are looking to add unique and visually stunning coins to your collection you will definitely want to consider acquiring Australian silver coins as they truly add a unique dimension to any collection. Yes, they truly are that awe inspiring. If your looking at evaluating your Australian silver coin, or any Australian coin, I recommend the following guide.


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  1. Jack Provenzano says:

    I have an opportunity to purchase 4 ANACS 2009 silver eagle coins MS 70 grade

    What would be a fair offer to purchase?

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