Ancient Coin

An ancient coin can be a great addition to practically any coin collection, since they are some of the rarest coins in the world. Ancient coins from various countries were mostly created by hand, since machines and tools to make coins were not yet invented. Each coin is unique from one another, and contains an intricate design honoring either a leader or the country it comes from. Ancient coins date thousands, with the rarest being those created hundreds of years B.C.

There are several ancient Chinese coins that are inexpensive and collectible, such as the Wu-Ch’u coin that dates back to 118 A.D. Many of the earlier Chinese coins were round coins with a square hole in the center, and contained detailed designs around the border of the hole. Chinese letters and symbolic pictures were most commonly used among the earlier ancient coins, unlike many other countries that used pictures of leaders or important historical figures.

Ancient Coin - Both Sides

Ancient Coin - Both Sides

Ancient Greek coins and old Roman coins are also very rare and collectible, and many date back to hundreds of years before the time of Christ. The most common were minted around 300 and 400 years A.D., but there are still millions of coins that can be found in good condition. The most common ancient coins were made out of copper, and usually honored the Roman Emperor Constantine The Great. They are usually about 23 mm in diameter, which is between the size of the current quarter and nickel found in the United States.

Silver and gold were also used for ancient coins, and Roman gold coins are some of the rarest and most expensive coins to include in any collection. Ancient Greek and Roman coins can range in price from $20 to much higher, depending on the time period the coin came from as well as the condition it’s in.

The Byzantine era was a very interesting time period in later Roman history, and a Byzantine gold coin can be a very unique piece to add to any collection. Many of the Byzantine coins were made out of copper and can be easily found, but the pieces made out of gold are rare to find and contain more detailed and beautiful designs. Although many consider the Byzantine coins to be ugly and a useless piece, they are different and unique, and come from a time period where coins were only minted for a short period of time.

Adding an ancient coin to your coin collection can be a great addition, since ancient coins come from a time period where monetary systems were being newly created.  Although the coins are not as detailed and neat as new currency, it is amazing to see the beautiful designs and workmanship that went into each and every handmade coin.

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