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There are rare US coins and then there are those coins that are the veritable Holy Grail of rare coins. While one would think that there would be a sizeable number of American coins in existence, the fact remains the scarcity of some coins places the coins at the verge of extinction. Yes, some of the most exquisite US coins ever produced are so limited in numbers that for many collectors acquiring them is tantamount to a pipe dream. What are some of these highly valuable and scarce coins? Let’s take a look at five of the more well known ones….

1804 Silver Dollar. This is one of the rarest coins in existence as only 15 are known to exist. The fact that there are 15 does raise the specter that perhaps more of these rare US coins are available somewhere. Perhaps one is hiding in an old trunk? Time will eventually tell….

1849 Coronet Double Eagle. How rare is this $20 piece? Well, there is only ONE left in all of existence. Or, more accurately, there is only one that we know of in existence. If you happen by extremely rare chance to find one of these coins, you could place the coin up for auction and easily procure a multimillion dollar sale.

1913 Liberty Head Nickel. The tale of this nickel is somewhat unique and surprising. The Liberty Head nickel was originally discontinued in 1912 but five were produced in 1913. All five ended up in the ownership of one collector. Needless to say, the collector was able to amass a valuable equity on these coins since he was the only person in possession of them. Today, these coins would still be considered the prize jewel of any coin collection due to their immense rarity. Due to this rareness, their value is well into the millions of dollars.

1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle. Because The Great Depression had devastated the nation, President Roosevelt needed to remove the US from the gold standard. That involved the recalling of numerous gold coins so they could be melted down. This particular coin was worth $20 in 1933 and was recalled for melting. A few did survive and one private collector sold it at an auction in 1992 for…$7 million!

1943 Copper Penny. What makes this copper penny is not its copper but the inclusion of a bronze alloy within it. Bronze was essentially rationed during World War II so this penny should not have included bronze within its components. However, a number were produced with bronze and that makes them highly collectible and valuable.

1970 Lincoln Penny Doubled Die Obverse. Who would ever have thought a penny would eventually be worth $3,000? The minting “double die obverse” error created the foundation for such a valuable penny and it remains one of the most prized collectible pennies of all.

Of course, the sheer number of rare US coins can go on for many pages. The five listed herein are among the rarest and most prized of all US coins. Hence, they deserve a special place in the history of collecting rare US coins.


5 Responses to “6 Rare US Coins”
  1. Michael says:

    I have a 1943 penny in my house is there any way I can contact you to see where to sell it.
    Thank You

  2. Jose says:

    I have a 1943 silver color coated penny but it is attracted to magnets, so I know it’s not real, but I also have a 1944 penny of the same design. I am not sure how much it is worth, if you can help, please do.

    Thank you.

  3. Joshua says:

    I have a 1970 penny in my room is there any way I can contact you to see where to sell it.

    ,Thank you

  4. samantha kowalski says:

    I see you have mentioned the 1970 DDO Lincoln penny.
    I have one but can find no information or its value according to its grade.
    Maybe you could tell me something.

    If you give me your email I can send pictures via attchment
    Thank you

  5. mike says:

    I have a dollar coin dated 1929, why can’t I find anything on it? ie how many were produced. Many Thanks..

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