2011 New Zealand $2 Fiji Taku 1 oz Silver Coin

The South Pacific island country of Fiji is known for a few things, such as being a popular tourist destination and the home of some of the world’s most incredible marine wildlife. However, with the introduction of the 2011 New Zealand $2 Fiji Taku 1 oz Silver Coin, it seems likely that this small island country will also become famous for its collectible silver coins. The coin honors the Hawksbill turtle (locally known as the Taku), which is one of the two most common species of turtle native to the island. The species is under threat, being classified as critically endangered because of commercial fishing. While the turtle is distributed throughout the tropical regions of the world, it is most strongly associated with the South Pacific and with Fiji in particular. The Taku is a large marine turtle, routinely growing as large as three feet and with a weight of about one hundred and seventy five pounds – and the largest Taku on record weighed in at a surprising two hundred and eighty pounds.

With the new 2011 New Zealand $2 Fiji Taku 1 oz Silver Coin, the Commonwealth of Fiji pays tribute to these large and increasingly rare turtles. These coins were minted and issued by the New Zealand Mint and are made from .999 fine silver with gilding, along with a stunning level of craftsmanship and artistic accomplishment which are certain to endear them to collectors and investors, the value of the coins as silver bullion entirely aside.

The design of the coin is what makes it really special. The obverse of the coin features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, sovereign of Fiji and of course the entire Commonwealth in an effigy style portrait by the artist Raphael Maklouf. On the reverse of the coin is a gilded Taku, featuring a stylized shell design, seen here swimming in its native habitat of the Pacific Ocean. The reverse also features an engraved heading as well as the weight and metal quality of the coin.

The 2011 New Zealand $2 Fiji Taku 1 oz Silver Coin was produced in a very small mintage, with only 5,000 of these breathtaking collectible fine silver coins being available on the market. Collectors who have an interest in the work of the New Zealand Mint, exotic silver coins, marine wildlife or simply appreciate a solid investment in precious metals which also happens to be a striking work of art in its own right will want to sit up and take note. With supplies being so limited and the coin of such incredibly high quality, it is certain to become a coin which sits high on the “most wanted” list of collectors and investors around the world.


4 Responses to “2011 New Zealand $2 Fiji Taku 1 oz Silver Coin”
  1. Craig says:

    Great looking coin and hard to find. Scottsdale Silver just announced they will be a big provider for the Silver Taku’s worldwide. These are going to become very popular over time and smart to start adding more to your holdings. Plus it’s Silver Bullion!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You say only 5,000 of these coins were minted – does this mean only 5,000 PROOF coins were released by the NZ Mint, but, that they minted many, many more of these coins in BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) condition? I know Scottsdale is selling them by the roll – 20 coins per roll – in BU condition. It seems VERY likely, that the number 5,000 in relation to mintage, refers to PROOF-quality coins released by the NZ Mint, NOT the total number of coins that were struck by the mint.

  3. zone says:

    I want to know about the size of the silver coin(Diameter and Thickness).

    thanks a lot

  4. Ed Smith says:

    Ancient coins can be intimidating at first. They almost require that you read, study, learn. But this can open up a fascinating world — the past — which can shed marvelous insights about the present and perhaps the future as well.

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