2011 1oz Canadian Grizzly Silver Coin – Wildlife Series

The latest issue from the Royal Canadian Mint’s Canadian Wildlife series of coins, the 2011 1 ounce Silver Canadian Grizzly coin is making waves among collectors and investors in precious metals. This is the second in the Canadian Wildlife series and is the last of the planned series of six silver coins to be dated 2011; the third coin in the series is scheduled for release later this year, in September 2011. Not only is the 2011 1 ounce Silver Canadian Grizzly coin already a hot item with collectors, this one ounce .9999 silver bullion coin has a face value of five dollars (Canadian) features a onetime only design which is being minted in a limited run of one million coins.

The obverse face of the new coin features the image of Queen Elizabeth II, with a magnificently crafted design featuring the Canadian Grizzly bear set in a native Canadian arctic landscape. Nature and wildlife themes are always popular with coin collectors, especially those with an interest in collectible coins from the Royal Canadian Mint and the 2011 Silver Canadian Grizzly one ounce coin definitely does not disappoint avid collectors of Canadian coins as well as wildlife enthusiasts.

This coin is the follow up to last September’s release of the incredibly popular 2011 Silver Wolf coin, which has proven to be wildly popular with silver investors and coin collectors alike. Like other silver bullion coins, the Silver Wolf and Silver Canadian Grizzly coins are solid investments which will only increase in value over time. Even in a tough economy where other investments decline in value, precious metals tend to actually become more valuable; and silver historically outperforms other precious metals by a significant amount.

For this reason, Royal Canadian Mint silver coins have become popular with people who want to protect their wealth by investing in silver bullion coins. This insulates the investor’s wealth against the ups and downs of the larger economy and represents an investment which is certain to appreciate in value over time. It may not pay dividends like an investment in stocks or securities nor does it accrue interest like placing your money in a savings account, but silver bullion coins are a sound investment which can be easily converted to cash if and when the investor desires.

It is of course the design which is really getting the attention of collectors, since the level of craftsmanship represented by this coin is of the highest order. This majestic Canadian predator with a background of water and a starkly beautiful Canadian landscape is an incredible design; and the obverse portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Canadian artist Susanna Blunt is acknowledged as some of the finest artwork ever to grace a Royal Canadian Mint coin.

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