2011 1 oz Silver Somalian African Elephant Coin

Especially in troubled economic times, precious metals are one of the soundest investments which anyone could make. Investing in precious metals, especially silver, can help to protect your wealth from the ups and downs of the economy; even during a recession, silver historically increases in value. Not only does the value of silver rise during tough economic times, it does so at a faster rate than gold or other precious metals. Investors often choose to invest in silver in the form of silver bullion bars, silver medallions or especially, silver bullion coins. Silver bullion coins are becoming especially popular with investors as well as collectors. Portable, easily convertible to hard currency and of course, attractive, investing in silver coins combines the benefits of investment in precious metals with the fun of the hobby of coin collecting.

With that in mind, there are more people than ever before who eagerly watch the market for collectible coins in search of new and interesting silver coins to collect. One of the most exciting new releases of the year in the world of collector coins is the 2011 one ounce Somalian Silver Elephant coin, a part of the African Wildlife series. The series is minted by the Bavarian State Mint in Germany and features tone of the most interesting animals on the African continent and indeed, the world – the African elephant. These noble, intelligent and unfortunately endangered animals are featured on this new one ounce, .999 silver coin with a face value of 100 shillings.

The reverse of the coin features the African elephant in all its glory, truly capturing the size and magnificence of these gentle giants. The obverse is equally stunning, featuring the heraldic design of the Somali republic; two leopards, a shield and a five pointed star; below this design are two crossed lances and two crossed palm fronds draped with a ribbon.

The coin was originally minted by the Bavarian State Mint in 2004 and has been highly sought after ever since. Due to the immense demand for this highly collectible silver coin and the rest of the African Wildlife Series, the mint has decided to re-release the Somalian Silver Elephant coin in this breathtaking 2011 edition. The new release of this 2004 favorite silver coin is as solid of an investment as the original and is in great demand by both collectors and investors interested in diversifying their portfolio with the secure investment that is silver bullion coins.

The coin has recently been made available and if the success of the rest of the Bavarian State Mint African Wildlife Series is any guide, it’s likely to sell out before you know it. This will soon become a rare and sought after coin just like the original 2004 minting, so collectors interested in this series of coins as well as investors who want an investment which is guaranteed to grow in value may want to seek this coin out before it’s too late.

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