2011 1 Ounce Silver Eagle

People who choose to protect their wealth by investing in precious metals like silver often prefer to invest in silver bullion coins rather than silver bullion bars because there is a definite aesthetic appeal to coins over bars of silver – though of course, no matter what form silver is in, it is an excellent investment. During bull markets for precious metals, silver consistently outperforms gold, often doubling or trebling the gains made by gold and other precious metals, especially during times when the larger economy is in a recession or recovery period.

Because of the sound nature of silver as an investment, there are many people, both long time investors in precious metals as well as those just now exploring the possibilities represented by investing in silver who are taking a great deal of interest in the 2011 1 Ounce Silver Eagle bullion coin. This is a coin with a lot to recommend it, both in terms of its artistic value and its value as an investment quality piece of this precious metal.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the coin, the 2011 1 ounce American Eagle silver coin is a collector’s version of the official American Eagle silver bullion coin produced by the US Mint. While this is not the official coin, collectors and investors who are concerned about the quality of this collector coin will be pleased to hear that it is actually produced by the US Mint at West Point; this fact is attested to by the “W” mint mark on each American Eagle coin (though proof American Eagles also minted at the West Point Mint bear no mint mark), as well as the certificate of authenticity which is included with every one of these coins.

However, it is the design and the quality of the artistic craftsmanship which has gone into the creation of these coins that really sets them apart to collectors. The coin features the Walking Liberty design created by Adolph A. Weinman, with Lady Liberty marching on, clad in the Stars and Stripes and bearing laurel and oak branches in her arms on the obverse of the coin; the reverse of the coin features a redesigned version of the heraldic American Eagle by John Mercanti, a sculptor and engraver at the US Mint. The coins offer an extraordinarily bright finish whose background is almost mirror like along with sharp relief in the frosted foreground which is reminiscent of a cameo.

Each American Eagle 1 ounce Silver Bullion coin measures 40.6 millimeters in diameter and weighs 31.101 grams; the coins contain one troy ounce of .999 fine silver and have a face value of one dollar. The high quality and artistic appeal of these coins have made them highly sought after by collectors and investors alike. Although they’ve only been available since mid July, they’re rapidly becoming one of the hottest items of the year among coin collectors.


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  1. Ed Smith says:

    Coin values are like any other commodity. If there’s a shortage, the price and demand goes up. If there’s a surplus, the demand is met and the price goes down. Rare coins are just like rare commodities in that they command premium prices.

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