Most coin collectors begin practicing the hobby of collecting coins by saving interesting coins they receive in their change at home or abroad. Coin collecting has been in practice since ancient times. We will help you find the best coin collecting values around. Broad categories of coins include United States coins, world coins, and ancient coins.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to collecting coins is the condition of the coins you collect and the value of such coins, since there is a difference in poor and high quality coinage.

Coin Collection

Coin Collection

Over the years systems have developed to determine the overall condition of coins you collect and their value. These grading systems do vary from one service to another. The value of the coins will vary depending upon the structure of each grading.

Bullion Coins

Bullion Coins

Each coin grading would fall somewhere within range of mint state which is perfection and uncirculated, to almost uncirculated, with light traces of wear. Then onto extremely fine, very fine, fine, very good, good, almost good to fair. Downhill from there is the basal state, which is coinage of indistinguishable poor quality grading.

Of course, any type of damage the coin may display will affect the value of the coin. Such are signs of cleaning, repair, re-engraving, dents, gouges and holes. However, there is an interest and market for any rare coinage. You will find there are various types of information on collecting coins that will be of use to you as a coin collector.

Every coin collector will be different as to the manner in which he or she collects coins. Some may collect coins based on countries, years, mintmarks or type. Others may collect subject, composition, period and even variety collections, each offering their own sense of satisfaction in theme and value to coin collecting. Some collector niches include Mexican silver coins, Massachusetts coins, US silver coins, old French coins, and US gold eagle coins.

There are different types of collectors as well, such as those who collect coins as an investment and hobby. Then there are those who naturally hoard coins, no matter the variety or value they hold. There are also those who may inherit their coin collection from another person. Often those who inherit coinage have little to no knowledge of coin collecting values.

There are many different manuals and books to aid in determining information and the estimation in the value of different coins. Doing some research online or visiting some local coin shops to learn about all kinds of coins and their values is most helpful.

When you find that you hold an interest in coin collecting, you may want to check out such places as coin shops, shows, online contacts and mail order. Check out auctions (including online), flea markets, bazaars and other coin collectors to find other collectible coins of value.

Remember, it is in your best interest to deal with only reputable and trusted coin dealers who deal with coinage that comes with its own valid certificate of authenticity. Alternatively, you can join one of the many different coin collecting groups in your area or online.

One thing to keep in mind however, when coin collecting, is that it is best to leave coins in their natural state and not cleaning them. This will often damage and detract from the actual value of a coin. It is best to sell the coin as is and let the buyer do their own cleaning.